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Green Dairy Goat's Milk, 1 sachet, 25g

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Goat's Milk is easily digestible and particularly suitable for cats and dogs of all ages. Free Lactose. Easier to digest for healthy digestive systems and fast absorption into the body system.

Goat's milk contains all enzymes that essential for digestion. It delivers live active probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, protein and fatty acids.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size: approximately 25g

Serving Per Pack: 6

Energy: 118kcal/497kJ/serving

Protein: 5.75g/serving

Carbohydrate: 12.25g/serving

Fat: 4.76g/serving

Storage: Room temperature. Do not leave leftovers.

Directions: Mixed one sachet (25g) with 50 mL warm water. Stir well and add 50 mL room temperature water.

Ingredients: Fresh Goat's Milk Powder and Non-Dairy Creamer

Expiry: 01/2019

What's in the box?

1 x Green Dairy Goat's Milk, 1 sachet