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CAT LOVE Play Fast Track

RM 19.90 RM 25.00

  • Fast Track by Cat Love Play is an exciting interactive toy
  • Designed to stimulate your cat to play
  • Exercise using sound and motion.
  • Fun and exciting interactive toy
  • Stimulates play and exercise using sound and motion
  • Entices cats to chase, pounce and swipe at moving, jingling ball
  • Includes colorful peek-a-boo ball with jingle bell and quality Canadian-grown catnip
  • Can be configured three ways-3 toys in 1!
  • Easy to assemble

Fast Track's colorful tubular circuit includes a colorful peek-a-boo ball with a jingle bell and Canadian-grown catnip, both designed to entice your cat to pounce and whack at the ball. As your feline jabs at the moving, jingling ball, it's propelled along the track, further stimulating your cat to chase, pounce and swipe at it.

Fast Track can quickly and easily be configured in three different circuit shapes, offering your cat a range of thrilling toy experiences.

What's in the box?

  • 4 x Easy assemble tract 
  • 1 x Jingle Bell 
  • 1 x Catnip ball 2 x 
  • Tract cover