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Cat's Choice mix, 90g x 12 cans

RM 49.90

  • Nutrition balance
  • No preservation
  • High quality ingredients.

Frisian Cat's Choice is made of high quality and high adaptability ingredient. This Cat Choice canned food or wet food was completely and balanced for your cat and it doesn’t have any preservation added into it. 

Flavor available:

  • Tuna with Katsuobushi (dried fish). Expiry date 07/11/2020
  • Tuna with Shirasu (boiled whitebait). Expiry date 04/04/2019
  • Tuna with Chunky Sardine. Expiry date 04/04/2019
  • Tuna with Kanikama (crab meat). Expiry date 07/11/2020

What's in the box?

90g x 12 cans Cat's Choice (by Frissian) randomly mixed range.