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Catit Design Senses Massage Center

RM 38.30 RM 45.00

  • Gum Stimulator: Massages and cleans teeth and gums 
  • Ripple Massager: Provides intense massage to head, neck and face areas
  • Accu-Pressure Mat: Provides pressure point paw massage
  • Body Stroke Groomers: Help massage and groom body area

Cats see and hear things that are beyond our perception. Their unique sense of taste, touch and smell allow them to experience the world in ways that we can only imagine. Catit Design Senses products are made with your cat in mind and designed to appeal to all of your cat's senses.

Catit Design Senses products can be used individually or combined together to create a complete Sensory Activity Center for your pet.

The Catit Design Senses Massage Center appeals to your cat's sense of touch by offering a variety of textures that provide a luxurious pampering experience. The addition of catnip (included) will appeal to his sense of taste and smell, heightening the multi-sensory experience.

Dimension: approximately 25 x 25 cm.

What's in the box?

1 x set of Catit Design Senses Massage Center