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DoggyMan Dog Toy IQ Step Ball S

RM 24.90 RM 29.90

Let your pet play and learn at the same time with the Doggyman IQ Step Ball Mini.

This toy ball allows you to fill it up with your pet`s favorite treats or food. As it rolls on the floor, the treats spill out and allows your pet to learn. A two-tiered compartment allows your pet to play with it for a longer time. Its bottom tier can be adjusted according to the level of difficulty so that your dog gets the most out of this toy. Let your pet roll the ball across the floor to try to release the food inside.

Keep your furry friend entertained, fed, and happy with the help of the Doggyman Step Ball.

Size/dimension: Width: 3.00cm Length: 15.00cm Height: 12.00cm

Material: Plastic

What's in the box?

1 x DoggyMan Dog Toy IQ Step Ball S