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Petpal Dry Clean Miracle Foam,150mL

RM 27.00 RM 29.00

  • Relieves itchiness.
  • Eliminates dirt & odor.
  • Cleans quickly and easily without water.
  • Dry-foam is useful for cleaning desired spots.
  • 250 pumps.
  • Quick, easy and convenient.

A specifically formulated foaming shampoo gives your cat's coat a bright lustrous appearance. No water needed. No rinsing required. Contains gentle but effective cleansers. Ideal for cats nervous of water,  wounded cats, during journey, during pregnancy and lactation cats, before vaccinations. 

Directions for use:

Brush the coat, apply appropriate amount of foam onto coat and massage gently.

Remove the remainder after 2-3 minutes with clean, damp towel and brush the coat again.

Apply weekly for optimal freshness.

What's in the box?

1 x Petpal Dry Clean Miracle Foam,150mL (your variant option)