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Petpal Goat Milk Natural Protein and Calcium Treat, 80g

RM 15.50 RM 19.90

  • Made with natural goodness of pure goat milk
  • Stronger Bone & Teeth
  • Healthy Skin
  • Natural Supplement
  • for cats and kitten

Why do cats need Protein?
Protein helps to build whole body organ and tissues.
Healthy protein levels are important especially for growing kittens and lactating cats.

Why do cats need Calcium?
Calcium supports bone and teeth health in kitten, prevent tremors, seisures and weakness in lactating cat.

Daily suggestion use:
2-3 pieces per day or serve as a reward treat.

Ingredients: Goat's milk powder, Maltodextrin. Free from artificial colors and preservatives.

Expiry: 28/02/2020

What's in the box?

1 x Petpal Goat Milk Natural Protein and Calcium Treat for Cats, 80g